My 1996 50th Anniversary American Standard Stratocaster in Sonic Blue.

The guitar has seymour duncan mini humbucker pickups in the neck and bridge with coil tapping for still being able to have single coil tones. The middle pickup is a dummy and in the middle position it goes to the first and third with coil tap like a tele tone. The tone knob is a push pull with a tone ex, that’s basically an onboard wah. Also has Fender/Schaller locking tuners.

If I ever get in another band, and that band makes it big, I’d have the same setup but on a black holoflake guitar.  

We decided to shoot today on a whim. The shoot ended with the police telling us we had to leave and we were trespassing. They also mentioned a woman was killed there a few months ago. The best locations are the forbidden ones. Contortionist: Nicole Winter. (Please don’t stalk her, she has enough already)

My beach cruiser build took months to source all the parts, test fit, paint, fabricate, and assemble. Its painted Lamborghini Balloon white; a pearl metallic color. Its built on an Electra frame, has 3G wheels, tires, and handlebars. A Brooks seat, grips, bike bag, and bar tape one the front springer fork. A custom 3 speed shifter made for the nexus hub. Origin8 bottom bracket and cranks.

Gibson Moderne of Doom a Limited Edition of 250. 

Mercedes Benz CLA 45 AMG

Some girl I met outside of a liquor store on South Beach. Look at those nails! 

Portrait of the talented model AJ Knapp. Follow her on Twitter.

Orbit Racing always has some sweet classic Porsches in the house….

Editorial Excerpt.

Amy F.

Model AJ Knapp

One of my fav models to work with. 

Biancia Z…

I shot this at Vizcaya for a dress designer.

Yeh, that time I shot 2 Cirque performers together.

Natasha & Nicole